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However, for a chatbot to be able to do more than simply answer questions it has to be connected to an Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the technology that allows the bot to learn from the interactions it has with the end-users. Behind this learnings, there are analytics platforms, and integrations with APIs, among other things, that feed the AI ​​and provide resources so that that the chatbot is able to provide the user with correct answers.

There are various roles that a chatbot can be able to handle, here are a couple of examples;

  1. Weather bot-Get the weather whenever you ask.
  2. Grocery bot-Help me pick out and order groceries for the week.
  3. Life advice bot-I’ll tell it my problems and it helps me think of solutions.
  4. Personal finance bot- It helps me manage my money better.
  5. News bot-Ask it to tell you whenever something interesting happens.


What can Chatbots actually do?

Depending on the purpose with which the chatbot was created, its functionality will be determined. Below you can read some of the most come uses for Chatbots:

  1. Virtual Assistants:

Businesses use chatbots for a variety of cases, such as customer service. Simply put, an artificial intelligence service can be used to answer simple questions, help users book services, get more information about a specific topic, buy a product, etc. Having a chatbot help expedite these types of tasks, allows for human agents to focus on more relevant problems. At the same time, a chatbot allows the company to have a 24/7 service to attend to their customer’s needs.


  1. Automation of manual processes:

Artificial intelligence is rapidly automating routine and mechanical cognitive processes. Leaving more time for innovation. The use of intelligent algorithms, for example, can now automate the process of collecting data from various reports and perform an analysis to determine the profitability of a particular business path.


  1. Idea Generation:

Data is the commodity that powers the digital economy these days. However, it is necessary to have the necessary resources to transform them into something of value. Ideally, companies will have cognitive solutions in place that learn automatically from all the data they collect. What makes artificial intelligence systems so powerful is precisely the fact that they can learn. That allows them to adapt when market behavior changes, as well as continuously improve performance as more data comes in


  1. Analysis of unstructured data:

It is estimated that 80% of the digital data is not structured. Organizing and tracking these data has the potential of leading to a better understanding of the users and making predictions based on tendencies.



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