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Broadband & SD-WAN

Xtranet has provided a vendor Neutral network structure which is not dependent on any single infrastructure or backbone provider. This is at three levels as follows:-

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null   Internet Gateway Services

At the international Internet gateway level, we have contracted International bandwidth from three different cables. These are Seacom, through Liquid Telecom, TEAMS through BCS and EASSY through FON Networks.

These three cables are terminated on our core Internet Routers which are two CISCO 7301 routers and a CISCO 3550 Gigabit Aggregation Switch. The configuration allows complete redundancy and failover. Furthermore, we have BGP sessions with Liquid Telecom and JTL such that if our facility is unavailable for whatever reason, they will relay our traffic to and from the Internet.

We have provided the last mile links from one of more of these providers and have a back to back Service Level Agreement with the partners.

Provision of Broadband Capacity

Xtranet specializes in the provision of high capacity broadband connections in East and Central Africa with service delivery via fiber or dedicated point to point wireless links.

In all cases we offer symmetrical bandwidth to our customers allowing them to upload and download data at the same speeds.

At a network level, high capacity upload allows for the provision of voice services (VoIP), VPNs, and remote access to CCTV and other systems. Our clients range from corporate clients with a 1 Mb dedicated wireless point to point connection to high end customers connected to a 1GB fiber circuit.

null  NOC Services

We have a world class NOC at our head office in Kenya are at Citadel, Westlands, where we have all the routing and switching services plus a help desk with all the latest tools for proactive network monitoring and incident and problem management.

We also have a backup set of equipment at Liquid Telecom tele-house which acts as a disaster recovery in case of unavailability of the equipment at Citadel. In this case, we have a procedure to relocate to NSSF building, where we have a high speed fiber and wireless link to our DR facilities. We are able to reach this facility through the fore mentioned partners.


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null  Redundancy

We have carefully selected the links to ensure that none of the links are being ‘backhauled’ together with the existing primary links. Our experience, being a vender neutral value-added services provider, has make us grasp all the other partners network design, stability of each provider’s network of various regions and backhaul technology used on each. We can therefore confirm that there is a 99.9% redundancy provided in our design.

Network Technology

Xtranet has provided a vendor Neutral network structure which is not dependent on any single infrastructure or backbone provider. This is at three levels as follows:-

null  Optical Network


Xtranet has designed, characterized, implemented and supported most complex optical networks in East and Central Africa, and continues to do so. Our portfolio in partnership with other public network operators includes infrastructure throughout East and Central Africa for both commercial, corporate and numerous Government agencies.

We offer a complete, turn-key solution and a range of services from facility preparation, leasing, and network management.

Our highly credentialed and dedicated professionals are experienced in all phases of the engineering, project management, and construction of a wide array of fiber optic infrastructure projects.

Our professional services team understands the complexities and importance of even the smallest optical networks. We bring comprehensive knowledge in network design and architecture, grooming, IP/MPLS overlay, network performance measurement and improvement, resiliency, redundancy, and continuity of operations.

 null  Equipment

Xtranet intends to provision the following equipment for the installation of the Ku-band VSAT :        

Indoor Equipment :

•  iDirect Terminal with in-built TX, RX cards


Outdoor Equipment :

•  1.2m dish antenna

•  3W ODU Transmitter (BUC)






Aftersales Services

Xtranet communications has state of the art helpdesk facilities with a 24/7 *365 support. At Xtranet we have skilled and dedicated technicians who are able to provide problem resolution according to their complexity and with their experience with specific problems. We provide accurate solutions, fast and reliable with status tracking.

All our procedures and process are automated with thus enabling quick access to all pertinent client information, secure remote access, with the ability to reassign, track, and escalate trouble tickets.

We have developed and deployed accurate performance metrics to monitor all links on our network. Our monitoring tools are also 24*7 application performance monitoring with automatic application discovery and classification by user-defined applications and business groups. The applications include graphing tools and network discovery tools.

Technologies used: Fiber Optic Cable, Microwave, VSAT, Access Point Name (APN) 3G/4G

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