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Cloud Emails Hosting

Every organization is looking to have a reliable e-mail functionality. Emails hosted internally on your servers used to and still serve the purpose but they are slowly being phased out due to their inability to perform with greater flexibility & scalability. Cloud based e-mails are more efficient as they are accessible across multiple devices anywhere, anytime and never go down. This service is ideal for small, medium & large businesses and corporate organizations.

Key Benefits

Once your Emails are hosted on the cloud, you will require no server maintenance, a tedious exercise that probably takes up all your IT personnel’s time. It will also save you cost on purchase of servers and software licenses upfront. Recovery of data is easier regardless of loss of the hardware like your laptop.

Cloud Software Services

There is an easier way to installing and maintaining software. You can simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management. Xtranet will manage access to your applications, including security, availability, and performance. All you need is Internet and a web browser or mobile smartphone and you are good to go.

Key Benefits

Some of the advantages of service include: lower initial costs, easy to upgrade and easy integration with other software. This service also facilitates remote application hosting and delivery, making this the most important benefit of the service: painless application access. As our customer you don’t have to invest in expensive purchases, installaions, maintainance & updates of hardware or software. Access to your applications is as easy as having an Internet connection

Cloud Security

Hosted security provides tailored unified threat management services using next generation firewalls to your organization. Our security solutions are hosted in secure data centre environments and provide you with scalability options that are not possible with conventional firewalls. This service is ideal for businesses of any size, making this service a necessity on every level. Companies without the necessary in-house IT skills are also able to choose to have the service managed end-to-end by an Xtranet security engineer.

Key Benefits

This services ensures that your network and resources are secure from external threats and accessibility. Without having to incur the cost of purchasing all the necessary equipment and software on an upfront basis.


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