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Physical Security 

We are able to provide answers to all the physical security questions. Our intimate understanding of Security is what allows us to offer unique solutions as opposed to wholesale services.

To design a security solution that is tailor made, an intricate understanding of security is required. All security measures are implemented with the aim of managing a risk or threat. We are able to provide answers to all the physical security questions.

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null   Advanced IP Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance when correctly installed and used can be a very effective Security tool. It can be used at the primary and secondary security points. It can not only work as a deterrent, but if properly monitored, it can also act as a ‘detect’ mechanism and can provide good situational awareness. An IP surveillance system combined with video analytics can provide a situational awareness edge that would rival any other security system


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null  Biometric Security Solutions

Controlling Access and Costs through Biometrics

Biometrics data is data unique to every individual and can only be used to identify them. The most common form of biometrics is fingerprint. However, iris, facial, hand geometry and vein recognition are among other lesser known forms of biometric recognition systems. Biometrics therefore have a huge uptake in the security industry because in transforms the individual to the equivalent of a key.


Controlling Access and Costs through Biometrics

Capital cost of installing an access control system can be perceived to be high but the alternative has a higher cost implication in the long run. To understand this, imagine a diseases research institute that has to restrict access to specific areas to specific people due to their nature of work. Without a modern access control system, they would have to literally issue several keys to each individual depending on the access levels or rights they have i.e. the more the access rights the more the number of keys you would probably have to carry around. As we have all experienced, keys are easily lost or stolen and can be duplicated quite easier

Furthermore, if an employee left or the keys were lost or stolen, the company would be forced to change all your locks to ensure no breach happened in future. This can be a very expensive venture in the long run

• To mitigate the risks and cost above a biometric access control system can be used to ensure that specific people have access to specific doors at specified times. They system can also produce a report to show who accessed which door when. Furthermore, if an employee leave the company, his biometric data is simply removed from the system and he/she will no longer have access.

Some of the areas where we offer solutions include;

•  CCTV – We provide solutions that enhance your situation awareness.

•  Access control – Biometric, Card and pin based solutions.

•  Application and web security

•  Luggage and handbag scanners

•  Walk-through metal detectors

•  Under-vehicle surveillance systems

•  Library security systems

•  Network antivirus solutions

•  Advanced firewall solutions

•  Intrusion protection for systems and databases

•  Time attendance – Biometric based technology based on a set up that allows the employer to monitor employee attendance.


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